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How long will a 25kg bag of smokeless fuel last on an average sized fire
We have a solid fuel fire in our living room and have just lit it for the first time burning wood. I've no idea how long fuel will last so bought a £3 bag of wood this evening - lit it around 4:30pm and estimate the bag will run out before the end of the evening. Anyone any idea how long the bag of smokeless fuel may last - average sized fire I guess - no idea how much we would get onto the fire.

http://www.coals2u.co.uk/homefire -ovals-25kg-prepacked copy
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P-Kasso answers:

Ras - it depends on how much you shovel on and whether you combine wood and coal. And for how long you are burning it.

A 25kg bag should last you a week or so of evenings (less if you are burning it all day).

Combining it with wood, ie using wood, logs on top to give a cheerful burn will be a cosmetic effect rather than practical one but remember the aim of smokeless fuel is to generate slow(ish) long burning heat.

85% of the heat does up your chimney anyway (birds' bums really love you for it) so the main question is whether your open fire is more of an attraction rather than a defensible source of heating (ie using an enclosed log burner etc).

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