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What's your favourite perfume? i am looking for a new perfume, but after smelling about four my head starts to hurt. So i'd like a bit of help rather than just taking pot luck and getting a headache!!
I currently swap between sweet darling (kylie) and Mango.
asked in perfumes

Hiheels answers:

White Linen is what I'm found to be surrounded by.

I liked the smell of Sun, Moon and Stars and loved the bottle too, but it smells worse than a bad thing on me.

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Topaz2308 answers:

For me it is Jean Paul Gaultier Classic and rather partial to Paris premieres roses which is lovely and not to heavy and over powering.

Ghost perfumes are also nice and not overpowering especially if heavy overtures give you a heady feeling.

Supplement from 11/26/2008 09:17pm:

I have had the bottom 5 and they are all in a similar vein to each other as they are quite light.


I'm actually on Pontes Des Amours I have just checked and half way through the Roses one as well.

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wrestlingfan420 answers:

I am going to go all girly on everyone and render my opinion: Baby Phat is what I buy Mrs. WF, and is the best smelling stuff I have come across. It isn't overly pungent, but has a very nice sexy smell to it. Very highly recommended by yours truly! There are a few different versions of it, but the one in the pink box/bottle is the way to go. Stay away from the one in the black or gold box/bottle...not very good at all.

Supplement from 11/26/2008 09:16pm:

Here is what the bottle and box look like.

Supplement from 11/26/2008 09:17pm:

Stay away from this one...yuck!

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Theminxy1 answers:

My personal fav is an Armani..Elle. It's vanilla and musk, not too overpowering, and not too flowery...yummy... that reminds me. I need to go buy some more.

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tecspec answers:

Ralph Loren Romance is my fav. Followed by Dolce Gabbana Feminine.
I also like Ted Baker which I had in a set last Xmas.

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funrunna answers:

And just because I'm me...

You can't beat the sweet smell of success!

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high1971 answers:

well i have always liked the wife wearing chanel no 5

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duffield1 answers:

Mrs Duff wears Wrappings by Clinique, but it is only available these days from Harrods at Christmas.

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