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what does it mean when one place is "twinned" with another?

asked in geography

seacommander answers:

This link to Wiki explains the concept of twinning.


In addition to what Wiki has to say I would add that the communities that decide to twin often bear similarities in things such as industry, surrounding geography, historical events, size of community, maybe even the origin of residents.

This article also describes the attempts to use town twinning as a means of encouraging trade.


All of this aims in some small way to foster cooperation and friendship across the world. Whether it succeeds is open to debate.

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DIV_2005 answers:

Twinning is a simple concept, where two distinct areas are paired, in the hope of increasing cultural links. in Europe these pairs are normally known as "Twin towns"
The first towns to ever be twinned were Coventry in The UK and Stalingrad in the Soviet Union (at the time).

Some well known towns to be twinned are:

Reading - Dusseldorf
Bristol - Porto, Bordeaux, Hamburg
Bolton - Le Mans, Paderborn
Greater London - Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, New York, Tehran, Moscow, Beijing

Some not so well known:

Knowsly - Moers
Rippon - Fiox
Whitby - Port Stanley

Some towns have twinned with their namesakes:

Taunton - UK & USA
Stafford - UK & USA
Newcastle - UK, SA & Australia

Some of these were known to me the rest I had to look up on Wiki.

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