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what happens to ribena when it goes off?
the last little bit of 'beana is a bit watery and not quite as purple as it ought to be.... does that mean it's off? doesn't taste much different (though tbh i only drink it when i have beechams hot lemon, makes it nicer).
asked in ribeana, shelf life, longevity

macavity answers:

It ferments and will bubble it will will also have a whitish film to it.I remember once when we had blackcurrant (not Ribena though) on optic at the pub I worked at one of the barmen in his white shirt and dickie bow went to dispense a measure into a rum and it gushed out with such pressure that he was covered in blackcurrant juice.it was quite comical to see because he went and got another rum and went to get a measure of blackcurrant and it did it again

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seacommander answers:

I can only think that what is happening is that the sugars are absorbing atmospheric moisture and diluting the cordial. This is happening all of the time, however, because the ratio of moisture to Ribena in a fairly full bottle is so high you don't notice the diluting effect. It's only when there is a small quantity left that you notice this happening. As absorption of moisture can only take place at the surface of the fluid the rate of absorption is more or less the same for a full bottle as it is for one with just a little cordial left in the bottom.

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Russel.West answers:

I remember coming across a bottle as we cleared out a family members house as she went into a nursing home - that bottle of ribena must have been unopened for 15 or more years - it had lost most of its colour and had sludge stuff at the bottom - needless to say whilst we were thirsty from work no one wanted to try it - unlike the bottles of red wine, port and brandy that were there!!!

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