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Would there be any benefit from courses of drug treatment being provided as an injectable rod?
For example, the contraceptive pill is available in an injectable form. However, drugs where you need to take a course of treatments (like antibiotics) are always taken in tablet or liquid form - which in my case, I usually forget to do, so I now have a drawer full of unfinished antibiotic tablets at home.

Would it be possible to get them in an injectable rod format, so that I never missed taking them?
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Hiheels answers:

What, apart from the fact that you can't beat an injectable rod?

I would think there could be more dangers than benefits, for example, sometimes people find they have an adverse reaction to tablets - easy, stop taking them...but alternatively one would have to have them surgically removed. Could that be done in time? Would the effects just continue to build until it was out?
Ooh, it's a minefield.

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seacommander answers:

The technology to do this for antibiotics already exists and is used in veterinary practice. However, in humans one needs to be very careful about what is implanted in a controlled release format. Some people are allergic to antibiotics for example and it would potentially be very dangerous to inject the full course of drug, albeit in a controlled release format in case a reaction occurred. Removal of a controlled release bolus would not be as easy as just stopping taking drugs presented in tablet format.

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blacksmith81 answers:

There are potentially a number of medications, where this form of delivery may be useful. Particularly in the field of Mental Health and Transplant after-care, where long-term medication is required. Although, this would initially require prescription of the standard form, until an effective dosage can be found and any reactions evaluated.

Another factor, is Patient acceptance of drugs being administered in this form.

Long term prescription of Antibiotics, is something that most Doctors now endeavour to avoid, due to the risks associated with Bacteriological Mutation. Thus for humans, this sort of delivery system is deemed to be inappropriate.

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