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Why did I fall in love with somebody that already had someone else, when I knew our relationship wasn't going to go anywhere?

asked in love life

jacquesdor answers:

We donĀ“t fall in love for practical reasons. We are overwhelmed by an emotion.
We can not choose to fall in love - but we can choose not to. When we know someone is quite unsuitable and / or unavailable we could prevent the attraction from developing.
I suggest that perhaps you were so anxious to be in love - wanting love for its own sake - that you threw caution to the wind and allowed yourself to fall for someone unattainable.
Being in love is a wonderful feeling, but can cause more pain than happiness, exercise caution and restraint and wait until the right person comes along.

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rasputin1309 answers:

Love is blind - how else do you explain Tony Blair falling in love with his spouse?

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funrunna answers:

Sadly, It is all too common! As JD says... Emotions are hard to master, when cupids' arrow strikes!

I hope you find peace... Even if it is, at a price!!

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