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asked in english

funrunna answers:

Only for the English... Though a few natives, do get the hang of it!

The English language, is a mix of many tongues! Anglo-Saxon, latin (Roman) German, Frenchand a host of Scandinavian mixture thrown in for good measure. This means, that if one examins German, for example. One can find lots of common words and even sentances, which would predispose an english speaker, to learn German as a second language, far easier, than say, Arabic. Of which there seems little evidence of assimilation.

My spelling may be out but, as an example I would suggest the commonality of say Was ist das (Germanic) to What is that? (English)

I guess that Europeans in particular, have something of a head start in learning at least, modern English!

English, is no "harder" than any other language, but some have an easier learning curve than others.

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