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Do uk colleges accept WAEC results from NIgeria for entrying,

asked in education

beeper_spryte answers:


these would be the best people to ask :)

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siasl74 answers:

Yes, they do, but you may be required to offer sufficient proof that you've got them.

See this question:

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funrunna answers:

All the colleges I've worked in would be very weary of foreign credentials/qualifications and I certainly think, that reputable Nigerian achievements. Would prove the rule, rather than the exception!

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Aiming4777 answers:

The best thing is to look at the Website of the College / University that you want to attend. To quote from the WAEC's own Website (www.waecnigeria.org):

"Candidates are advised that they will be required to satisfy not only the University's general entrance requirements but also the requirements of the particular faculty which they wish to enter and that these requirements vary considerably. Particulars of entrance requirements and exemption regulations may be obtained from the universities or professional bodies concerned."

"Universities in the U.K. may, in addition, require candidates to complete a one-year Foundation course or acceptable alternative."

Here's a couple of examples, one requires the foundation course and the other doesn't.

This may only apply to the myriad of pseudo universities that have been created by the Labour Government so they can pretend that anyone in the UK can attain a degree and not the traditional ones. I suspect a lot of these “universities” will be only too happy to accept anybody who can pay the fees. Especially if they can insist on you taking a year foundation course first.

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