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Why are police vehicles commonly seen painted in black and yellow check nowadays whilst the blue and yellow or white and blue liveries disappear?

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mercman99 answers:

A more visible mix of colours is the main reason.The same as how they moved on from dark blue or black to the white and blue Panda car of the 60's and the more recent orange/yellow and blue and white.

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Poindexter answers:

This livery design is called Battenburg markings. Wikipedia says that the black-yellow and blue-yellow design is used by different agencies.

Supplement from 11/30/2008 04:46pm:

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The police have warmed to the personalisation initiative within public services.You can chosse to paint your car with a choice of livery and colour schemes., Pink is very popular in Brighton! In addition they have added a nice little cape and accessory hold all to their uniform. The Met have adopted a similar outfit but with la la ear coverings to ignore the systematic beating to death of vulnerable children in the community. The new kit and 'rebranding' are very useful for early morning raids on the offices of democratically elected members of the opposition.

Supplement from 11/30/2008 04:57pm:

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Family.Guy answers:

Highways Agency and VOSA and HM Coastguard are painted black and yellownot the police

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blacksmith81 answers:

Generally, this applies to all Emergency Vehicles. The yellow or white paint is formulated to be Fluorescent. Thus requiring very little incidental light energy, falling on the painted surface, to become highly visible, especially at night.

As traffic densities have increased dramatically since the 1950's. It has become increasingly essential for Emergency Vehicles to become more visible. Not only to protect the vehicle, but also the crews working around them.

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