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which website is the best for leaning German?
I am a middle school, there is no basis for German, but want to learn, help me!
asked in education, German word

xoloriib answers:

Try this one

Supplement from 12/01/2008 06:55am:

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Poindexter answers:

How 'bout reading a news story in German each day?
http://www.taz.de (check out the Tom-Touché cartoon)
Other than that, if you want to learn German on your computer, get a computerised language course from your public library.
I can also highly recommend using small index cards to swot vocabulary.
And the best way to learn German (or any other language) is ... go there for the summer holidays, maybe on a language course, or as an au pair or something.
Good luck.

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wumpus answers:

This one


Supplement from 12/01/2008 10:03am:

A German church steeple is now the most lopsided building in the world. It beat the Leaning Tower of Pisa which lean by 3.97 degree. This German church steeple, which leans at 5.19 degree angle, applied in June for the title. Guinness Book of Records confirmed the award after officials measured it.

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