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is it possible to get something to clean the inside of a dvd player?
like you can get a head-cleaning tape for VHS?

every time i play a dvd, the sound goes from just fine tyvm to MIA.... it's not the dvd, cos it happens on all of them. it *might* be the dvd player, either needing cleaning or replacing. it *could* even be the tv, because switching the tv off and back on again fixes the sound issue.

but i need to eliminate suspects in order of the size of the repair/replacement bill...

assuming something does exist to clean the inside of a dvd player, how does it work?
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firefoxxx answers:

Thats a good one..I would make sure the cables are ok..
If possible i would try another cd player with the tv
ya could get this to clean the cd heads


Have you got other things plugged into the tv that work ok ,say a ps3 or a wii???

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wumpus answers:

You can use a standard CD cleaning disk; it's basically a CD with data recorded on some sectors, and little brushes on others.

I've also seen a similar idea using a CD which had something like fuzzy felt attached to it.

For portable players, I find a quick wipe of the lens with a cotton bud dipped in alcohol can work wonders. But not so good for non-portable units because you can't get at the laser easily.

But problems with a dirty lens wouldn't cause sound on its own to drop out; you'd lose the picture too.

So we need to find out how you're connecting the DVD player to the TV. Are you using a standard Scart lead? Or an HDMI connector?
Phono connectors? Digital or analogue audio?

Sound dropouts are common on scart leads, which run the audio cables down the pins on one end of the plug. If the plug is dislodged, you lose the sound in one or both channels.

If it's digital audio, it might be worth playing with the settings on both the TV and DVD player to make sure they're both set to PCM or RAW or Bitstream - doesn't actually matter much what the settings are, as long as they're all the same.

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xoloriib answers:

Here's a link to an article about cleaning your dvd player and electronics cleaning in general

Supplement from 12/03/2008 09:23pm:

Which connections are you using?

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Messerwisser answers:

Sometimes dust on the laser eye is causing problems. Then blowing air into the slot can help.

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