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It occurs to me that over the last year I have gained much . How would you put it to good use?
All this 'fighting' for the children has made me realise how small childrens' voices are, and that too many of the agencies that are out there to help kids in trouble don't listen to the children themselves. There's too much red tape, and far too many 'grown-ups' who do a lot of paper shuffling, but little that helps in any practical or meaningful way.

So how do I use this great big voice I've found?
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vultan answers:

You could volunteer for Childline (now part of the NSPCC) - they're always in need of people to man the phones, and their whole purpose is to listen to children.

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goth-girl1 answers:

write an article or a book and get it published and spread your voice all over the world

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natwarmer answers:

I would do anything in the world to suppport you. To walk backward out of the room in your presence, to bow and curtsy. Reading the comment by the physician who only hours before Baby P died that she couldn't examine him further because he was *fussy and cranky* makes me plenty furious.

Could he've been saying in the best language at hand *You dont begin to know how close I am to dying, you ***** you. I'm exhausted just trying to get across to any adult my pain, my frustration. With all your fancy degrees and prestige we dont speak the same language. Your eddication forgot to show you that first you gotta learn our communication cues. I'm just going home now to die*

Supplement from 12/09/2008 03:34pm:

Late in the *watches of the night* I realized I had used profanity and was ashamed. Won't happen again.

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