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who many penelty points do you get if you have 2 worm tyres

asked in law and legal

Aiming4777 answers:

Every tyre fitted to a motor vehicle or trailer must be fit for purpose and be free from any defects which might damage the road or endanger any person. If a vehicle is fitted with more than one defective tyre, you can be summonsed for each tyre which is illegal.

Where a vehicle fitted with an illegal or defective tyre is used on a road, a police officer may give the driver a Fixed Penalty Notice (Conditional Offer Notice in Scotland). I assume that, in this case, the police officer has used his discretion not to issue a fixed penalty but to report the case for prosecution (otherwise, you would know the penalty already).

The maximum fine which a court can impose for using a vehicle with a defective tyre is £2,500 and three penalty points. So, for two defective tyres, you will have six penalty points. If you are a “New Driver”, your driving licence is automatically revoked if you build up six or more penalty points within two years of passing your first driving test.

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