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DNA and fingerprint information to be destroyed?
The ECOHR has ruled that it is an offence against the human rights act for the police to hold DNA and fingerprint information of people who haven't been convicted of any crime.

Do you think the police (etc.) will take the trouble to destroy the information they've already captured about millions of citizens who never committed any crime?

Do you think the government will now drop its plans to take DNA and fingerprints of all children?

Do you think that fingerprinting at airports can still be justified?

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/776 4069.stm copy
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rasputin1309 answers:

They will have to destroy them and the govt now cannot create this massive DNA database. Fingerprinting at airports cannot be justified.

Sometime I'll get around to reading the judgment to see what it actually says!

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seacommander answers:

Yes the police should destroy the evidence, however, who is going to monitor its destruction and with something like DNA samples who knows what is really in the sample containers and are all the electronic copies of the evidence being deleted? It is just so easy now to copy retrospective evidence and hold it in numerous locations. Any public monitoring may only just be lip service.
I suppose the collection of fingerprints at airports cannot now be justified.
Prospectively, however, it is quite easy to prevent the collection of evidence such as childrens' fingerprints

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blacksmith81 answers:

No doubt Jacqui Smith and Jack Straw are, at this very moment, desperately looking for ways to get around this judgement. As it has 'thrown a spanner in the works' of a number of projects, which this government have on the drawing board.

Hopefully, this has created a right, that IMO, is fundamental to the relationship between the individual and the state; that of relative anonymity.

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