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Can you get any money from succesfull videos/blogs/channel on youtube !?

asked in youtube, myvideo, videos

Leohuberh answers:

Despite the amazing popularity of YouTube, there is a lot of junk to wade through. Revver is betting that viewers will vote for quality over quantity. Another site that is paying for quality video is Break.com. This site will pay up to $1000 for an original video they use on their home page and up to $2000 for an animated film. They have, so far, paid over $300,000 for videos.

Revver attaches ads to these videos and when someone clicks the ad, the producer gets paid. Revver will host your video for free and split the ad income 50/50. You retain ownership of your video. The Mentos video has brought the creators nearly $30,000 from ads placed by Revver at the end of their video.


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