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Are there any circuit diagrams for a digital radio on the web? I've looked many times but am obviously not using the correct tags!!

asked in digital sound, radio, circuits

athenabs13ohe answers:

i cant find any drawings of circuits. but are these links any good ?



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xoloriib answers:

6090 digital decoder schematic

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wumpus answers:

Maxim do a couple of ICs which might be of use: MAX2170 and MAX2171.

There are application notes available, but to get the proper data sheets you need to register with Maxim (if you do that, they might provide free samples!)

Here's one of the application notes:

It gives schematics (not circuit diagrams) of a DBA receiver which would output an MPEG2 digital audio stream.

There are links at the bottom of the .PDF document for more info.

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