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Do we (untill a desicion as be made re IQ fate.) Shorten the amount of days we leave our questions untill we all know?
I have, just in case they may just pull the plug early. (I know Mods may tll us, but ther again IQ may just pull it full stop with no warning.) Should we shorten our days when our questions are asked, so every-one gets a chance to mark when question closes? Opinions any-one? We, i guess know more on the 12th of this month ?
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high1971 answers:

yes they just pull the plug but as far as i am concerned i will just carry on as normal as i do not think that it will be pulled to early as they may have to let people know with e mail accounts that are not on iq

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siasl74 answers:

I'm not sure there's much point in shortening the question duration - if the plug gets pulled then all scores vanish into thin air, so any ratings would mean pretty much nothing :-)

Also, shortening the duration will reduce the chance of getting answers.

I know nowt about Lycos plans, though. If us mods do hear anything that we can pass on, we certainly will. Probably worth keeping an eye on the blog contents, though, as that is more likely to be the first notification place.

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