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These products that are supposed to contain the good bacteria for digestion...how are the bacteria added? If they're grown in the product how do they stop "bad" bacteria growing at the same time? Or do they just sprinkle in a pinch of bacteria at sealing?

asked in Digestion, biology

siasl74 answers:

They take a culture of a set of bacteria that they judge to be "good" and add it into the batch.

Note: these claims were tested scientifically and, while they won't harm you, they may not necessarily be "good" bacteria for you. Everyone's stomach contains a different brew of bacteria, so what they think is a good brew might not do anything for you.

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Its all a load of Boswollox! Everybody knows that you get your biffidus digestivum from a normal. healthy diet anyway. Your neutrino peptides for your hair and skin arrive the same way whether you are worth it or not. Pseudo science ehh...?

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tecspec answers:

All yougurt, whether drinks, runny, set, fruit or plain ALL contain bacteria of one type or another. It's a live culture.
All this hoo haa about biffidus etc is just hokum..

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