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how many other words can be used instead of a phrase?
eg, defenestrate?

illustrations welcome!
asked in defenestration, gravity, physics

wumpus answers:

Snow - "falling and/or fallen ice crystals"

Sand - "coarsely ground up rock"

Robot - "Your plastic pal who's fun to be with"

Rabbit - ditto

How many more do you want? =o)

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jacquesdor answers:

I can only think, as an illustration, a picture of Charles of Wales being stripped of all his gongs and medals.which wouldnt do it anyway.

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xoloriib answers:

tsunami = A tidal wave caused by an undersea earthquake.

schadenfreude = delight in another person's misfortune

lebensfreude = joie de vivre

ombudsman = a government appointee who investigates complaints by private persons against the government

smorgasbord = an assortment of foods starting with herring or smoked eel or salmon etc with bread and butter; then cheeses and eggs and pickled vegetables and aspics; finally hot foods; served as a buffet meal

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Hiheels answers:

Perambulation - to walk around a territory, usually for an inspection.

Innuendo - an Italian suppository.

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Armcie answers:

Virtually all words can be used to relpace a phrase. If you look any word up in a dictionary you will see the phrase it replaces:

How many other words can be used instead of a phrase
[What is the extent of][the large undefined number of][sounds or a combination of sounds, or their representation in writing or printing, that symbolizes and communicates a meaning][that are able to][be][put to the purpose of][a replacement][of][a][sequence of words intended to have meaning]

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