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why do we worry at christmas

asked in christmas

Hiheels answers:

You're going to have to include me out of your "we" - I don't, I revel in it.
Dinner's a breeze to cook, stick it in the oven and away it goes - no stirring, no mixing, I make the stuffing the day before and prep the veg and on the day the cooker does it all.

As for presents, I only buy for people I care about and who care about me - so if I can't afford anything much I'll tell them and vice versa...we don't buy each other's feelings so it doesn't matter.

Bung a few cards in the post, get the deccies up and presents wrapped under the tree. Sorted.

Bring it on.

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athenabs13ohe answers:

Snap re Hiheel`s answer. More to life than worrying about 1 now what is a materlistic day.
i dont do xmas, i dont worry about it, i dont put decorations up, no point no-oe here but me and my zoo. may send 2 cards out.

Bck to your question, both parent now work, so there is more stress on both parents to get things in, in time for xmas.
I think there is more worry for some people this year who have lost their jobs or about to loose their jobs cos of the credit crunch.

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Theminxy1 answers:

I suppose because they want to make it special for the folk they care about. But to be honest, I have nothing to do this year except to by a prssie for a grandson. No dinner to cook or attend, no parties, no nuffin, and whilst I mind being alone, I don't miss the hassle. In previous years I would have been busy for weeks making cards and gifts myself, and planning a day of food, drink and fun...I don't miss that bit of it at all.

Why did I go to all that trouble ? Because it's the one day in every year when all the family get together, and we might as well celebrate such a rare event.

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imfeduptoo answers:

I think some people worry at Christmas because they try to do what is expected of them, whether they can afford it or not, instead of doing what they want to, or can afford to do.

Christmas need not cost a lot of money; we aren't forced to have a huge turkey meal and spend a fortune on presents.

When I was a child we used to get a stocking filled with an orange, some nuts and little trinkets, and maybe one reasonable present.
I think we were far happier with that than children seem to be now with their x boxes and Iphones...

Christmas is about being together, if you have a family, and having a good time, which can be done without spending much more money than on a normal day.

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