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is it possible to have a collection of eyelashes floating around at the back of your eyeball?
i seem to lose so many (i got one in my eye now, i can feel it) and find so few - could they be collecting and forming some kind of giant hairball of hell at the back of my eyeball?
asked in eyelashes, eyeballs, hairball

seacommander answers:

Foreign bodies (including eyelashes) 'in' the eye are classified as superficial ie on the surface and penetrating eg a piece of metal that has penetrated the eyball. There is no mention as far as I am able to ascertain of foreign bodies working their way around to the rear of the eyeball. Tears from the lachrymal ducts will always wash superficial foreign bodies to the front of the eyeball. The eyeball may appear to be free floating in its socket, however, it is intimately attached to the socket so there is no danger of you developing a 'hairball' at the back of your eye. In fact the conjunctiva is a screen like membrane that forms a positive barrier as the following diagram shows.



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