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got a puegeot 307 and my heater fan has stopped working.ay ideas

asked in cars, car maintenance, peugeot 307

wumpus answers:

Does it work on full-speed only?

If so, that's a sign that the resistor which controls the lower speeds has burned out. This is quite common, especially in cars fitted with a pollen filter, and especially on Peygeots (as I found out after the same thing happened on my partner's car).

The resistor is cooled by air flow through the heater unit.
If the pollen filter becomes blocked, the air flow is reduced and the resistor burns out. But it does go eventually, even on cars with no pollen filter.

I don't know about the 307, but it was a complete pig to get at the resistor on the 106; so much so that I didn't bother trying to get to it.

Instead I soldered up a resistor unit from a Ford, and placed it behind the dashboard. It worked reliably that way until the end of life of the car.

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Aiming4777 answers:

I guess you've looked at the obvious and checked the fuse?

On some Peugeots, the connector for the heater fan is above the passenger footwell and can be kicked apart. Slide the seat back and lie down on your back with your head in the footwell and look up (have a torch handy). You might see a block connector that has been pulled apart.

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