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Do yu follow your gut instict?
I have a feeling that if I ahve my Hair coloured I will have some sort of reaction to the hair dye, do you follow your gut instinct or just throw caution to the wind and go with it?
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beeper_spryte answers:

when it comes to dying my hair, i follow the manufacturer's instructions.

as regarding colour - caution to the wind :p if it doesn't look nice, i can wait a day and re-do it.

a patch test will satisfy your gut. i cannot urge you strongly enough to get a patch test and not throw caution to the wind.

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BreeVandDeCamp answers:

mostly not! It's always better to check.


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athenabs13ohe answers:

I always follow my gut instinct. Last time i ignored it, i got mugged.
I knew i should have cuaght my normal bus, but caught the earlier 1, still had nagging feeling. But as i said before i chose to ignore my intincts and hence the consquences. Now i follow my gut instincts and have proven time and time again that i was right to follow them.
Women are more in tune with their gut instincts if you like, as its a case of nature and nuture with us as we are carriers of children.
So if your gut instincts says no, not to dye hair, then follow them.
I think also you are being protective of your child, so i stay away from your hair dye untill the little 1 is born, then when everything is back to normal, treat yourself to a good hair do at the hairdressers.

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sheps101 answers:

usually do and I wish I did the other night as when I went to park something told me not to park where I normally do and I ignored it as it would have meant parking somewhere that would be slightly in the way off others, anyway 36 hours later a lorry slid into the back of my car.

Supplement from 12/11/2008 04:24pm:

I also had gut instinct not to color my hair when pregnant and even asked if it was ok during pregnancy and even though it said it was I decided against it as I thought the chemicals had to go in my blood stream and my baby never needed that safe or not.

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robinsamuels answers:

I think that the advice given regarding avoiding hair dyes when pregnant are probably right. Why take the chance, when you can do it in a few months time.

As far as the colour is concerned, what's the worst that can happen? Pink hair can look cook and people would just put it down to post natal hormones!

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