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Car park traffic flow optomisation - what should you do in terms of letting others out to maximise traffic flow?
Okay, picture this scene. The Sainsbury's near where I work has a car park with one entrance and one exit. At this time of year, it gets very congested, to the point where you actually struggle to get into a space, because other cars are queueing to get out.

The circular perimeter road (which always has priority) has three roads which cross it (think of an oval on its side with three lines going down from top to bottom). There are also three horizontal lines, although these do not join the perimeter road on the edge of the oval nearest the entrance/exit.

So, my question is: if I am driving around, should I always give way to one car at each junction, or statistically, would I be better only letting a car out if the car in front has not done? Which will ensure the best traffic flow?
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For reference, (and if this is relevant to anyone who fancies stalking me) if you zoom in by a factor of one, just underneath the 'plus' sign you'll have just clicked, you can see a trolley store. I usually park in the space occupied by the badly-parked Micra with its headlights on (that's not me - I wouldn't fit in a Micra!), so advice on the best way of escaping the car park should really bear this in mind.

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