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Remember those lick-and-stick paper chains you used to make youself? Can you still buy them anywhere?
I'm in a pervading fit of pre-festivity deja voo.

Can't abide all these tinselly pop-up Far Eastern glittery gizmos.

So it is time for a "way-back-when" you used to get that DISGUSTING cod liver glue all over your tongue, sitting round roasting chestnuts on a shovel and making your own Chrissie decorations.

They seem to have deserted the shop shelves only to be replaced by Hong Hong neon bobby dazzlers.

High time I think, in the east wing of P-Kasso Towers at least, for a quick trip back in time and to show these spoilt little next generationers what the Spirit of Christmas is really all about.

DIY Christmas decorations. Yer can't beat 'em!

Spirit of the Blitz. Britain can take it, Britain can make it and all that etc.

But where can I get those foul-tasting childhood paper loops now that Woolies has gone belly up?

asked in christmas, decorations, fish glue

seacommander answers:

These look quite pretty I think:


and good old Amazon:


I think our local tobacconist come card shop etc may stock them too. I'll look tomorrow - would be quite happy to post you some if they have them.

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imfeduptoo answers:

Ooooh yes, I remember those!
When I was little we used to cut our own strips and colour them in and stick them together with flour and water paste.

Go back in time P-K and buy some coloured paper to make your own,

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high1971 answers:

if your nearest one is still open then woolworths sell them

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Aiming4777 answers:

You can get these from several sellers on eBay. Example: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/500-PRETTY-RED-WHITE-PINK-GUMMED-PAPER-CHAINS-FE-500PC_W0Q...

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mercman99 answers:

No! You can't buy the chains,you said yourself you've got to make them!

Supplement from 12/13/2008 05:21pm:

Won't a store like Hobbycraft (www.hobbycraft.co.uk) have that sort of stuff?

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rasputin1309 answers:

Yes I loved those

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jacquesdor answers:

Look it an arty crafty shop ... especially one that sells stuff for children. Along with all the other things you might just find packs of the paper strips. Good luck ..... and have a great Christmas.

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