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what do you buy a husband that loves gangster comedy pirates of the carabean family guy and hes got them all my god what can i buy him for christmas please help me ha ha ha

asked in christmas

vultan answers:

I assume you want to get him a DVD then?

Goodfellas? Pulp Fiction? The Godfather Trilogy? One of the Sopranos boxsets?

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xoloriib answers:

A video camera.

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PARRY22 answers:

How about one of those 7 inch personal DVD players if you can afford it. They have come down in price lately especially if you shop around.

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agentju90 answers:

bugsey malone. gangsters and comedy all in one. great movie. great songs. great acting?

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wumpus answers:

A DVD rack to put them all in.

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robinsamuels answers:

Go into woolies with the closing down sale on.

They've got loads of box sets on sale. OK the sale isn't great, but something is better than nothing.

The Godfather trilogy, Lethal Weapon series and a Michael Caine box set were all in our local store for under 20 quid. Plus, loads of tv series box sets.

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