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Going on from xoloriib’s question about dogs wagging their tails, does the same principle apply to cats?
My observations suggest that a cat will hold its tail up if happy but when irritated the tail will twitch. Have there been any studies on cat behaviour to support this?
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athenabs13ohe answers:

Yes very much so. I read a marvellous book by Desmond Morris about cats and their behaviour.
Cats use their tails as sign of contement as well as a warning to back off. (unlike my old boy, who when cheesed off by other 2, wont warn with tail, he just strikes out.)
Here is 1 of many links i found for you.
Dogs do the same, so when a dog is wagging its tails, does not mean its happy, they have several way of wagging their tails, but not as much as cat does, E.G. whn a dogs tail is rigid and wagging, it does not mean its happy, its being cautious when either meeting another dog/human etc.


Supplement from 12/14/2008 05:02pm:

My oldest boy with my love bird chick.

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