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How can I burn a downloaded video to disc?
I went out and bought a pile of DVD-Rs and a marker pen today. I downloaded a cartoon video from the Internet and I wanted to burn it onto disc. (There's no copyright applicable).

I have Windows XP but every time I try to use the Media player it gets hi-jacked by "Real player" who demand €25,00 to "give me a license".

Any suggestions?
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athenabs13ohe answers:

I am not computer lit, but found this site , dont know if it will help tho. Other may help you more.


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robinsamuels answers:

When you play the video, does it play using RealPlayer?

If so, it's encoded for RealPlayer and the computer recognises that you don't have burning rights for these files.

Have you simply tried to drag and drop the file using windows explorer, rather than media player?

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wumpus answers:

I think you're confusing a couple of issues.

Realplayer won't fire up unless you try opening the file to play it.
Opening the file won't happen unless you double-click the file, or insert a cd with it on.
It shouldn't start when you burn the file to CD/DVD.

You can use XP to burn files to CD, but I'm not sure that it can burn DVDs directly. It certainly doesn't provide a DVD mpeg-2 codec for you to play the files as standard.
And it doesn't provide support for Real format either.
Best to use something like Nero for burning to DVDs.

But the most important piece of information we need to help you is missing; exactly what format are the files in?

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moonzero2 answers:

There are several /cddvd burning programmes on the market nero and ashampoo burning studio being a couple, ashampoo do a free download of the earlier burning studio if you need a programme.

this link might be worth a try as well.

Supplement from 12/14/2008 06:35pm:

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