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Watching BBC Sports wotsit has again made me wonder what our Olympic Golds are really worth?
Other than Rebecca Adlington in swimming and convicted drugs cheat Christine Ohurougo in athletics all of our golds were won in events where lots of money is needed - just how worthy are the achievements and is it worth the money?
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siasl74 answers:

I think the idea is to make lots of role models so that folks enjoy sports. That encourages them to practice it (even if not to Olympic standard) which encourages investment in facilities, and further drives a fitter nation.

Shame we're all lazy, though (although I'm not dissing the effort involved in winning the medals).

Is it worth the money? I'm guessing that you're firmly in the "no" camp :-)

It probably could have been better spent, but it would be nice to have a nation of fit folks and maybe that was the aim...

I'm not sure the success should be measured in trophy weights, though. I'd rather it be measured via national health statistics.

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goth-girl1 answers:

to me there is only one person worthy of the title this year and that is the 12 year old girl from the para-olympics i think she got peoples thoughts and words after she won

as far as worth while goes yes i think it is worth while spending the money but i feel that is it only spent on a few and this is wrong start from grass roots let the children have the money in the form of good facilities not just for the few people that they think can win them medals

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Aiming4777 answers:

I agree ... we only excel in "posh" sports. that probably because our government put no real money into grass roots or youth sports.

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