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How long does chewing/bubble-gum take to biodegrade?
I'm fairly confident it doesn't get digested, and I've seen that various folks have tried to invent proper biodegradable gums (nothing particularly commercially successful, I think). The main gums sold are still the same old mix of elastomers etc... - how long to they take to decay?
asked in science, food

seacommander answers:

This Parliamentary publication from the Science and Technology Office states categorically in the first paragraph that chewing gum does not degrade.


This site suggests 20-25 years to degrade.


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LeggyandLovely answers:

Fine, if it doesn't get digested, it means that I have a load of chewing gum somewhere in my system if it has not bio-degraded down I will still have it there when I snuff it!

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Messerwisser answers:

The degradation time depends on many factors: Composition, shape, temperature, moisture, UV-light.
In my opinion it takes too long time.

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