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What's the answer to these math questions:
1.What is the total of 49 1/4 + 3 3/8

2. 15 3/4 divided by 1 3/4

3. What is 639.497 rounded to the nearest tenth?

4. Convert 29.53% to a decimal

5. Last month, a factory produced 800 televison sets. This month, the same factory produced 1,064 television sets. The increase in production from last month to this month is?

6. An electronic device that previously sold for $21 has been reduced to $17.43. The price reduction , rounded to the nearest whole percent is.
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xoloriib answers:

The first two you could do using google.com if you just convert them to decimal.

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agentju90 answers:

the best person to ask for help is your tutor. he will help you understan how to get the answers. us just answering them will not really be helping you.

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beeper_spryte answers:

1) 1/4 = 2/8. question a little easier now?

2) you can plug that into a calculator and come out with a whole number. unless you need to show your workings, ofc.

3) 123.456 => 4 is a tenth, the 5 is a hundredth, the 6 is a thousandth. do you remember your rounding up/down rules?

4) i hated these ones too. i plugged random sets of numbers into a calculator (5/9, 8/11, etc) until i hit a decimal number of whatever i was looking for. (hint, one of your numbers is 7)

5) part/whole x 100 = %. whole in this case is 800. the % will be more than 100. take 100 away from the number you get for the % increase.

6) see above - part is $17.43. remember your rules of rounding and you should be able to produce the correct answer.

us doing your homework will help you today, but it won't help you tomorrow or when you come to sit the test. YOU have to complete and understand your homework, otherwise you won't be going anywhere fast.

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