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what are the qualities of a psychologist
i want to know more about psycohlogy
asked in science

siasl74 answers:

Usually, the main quality is a Psychology degree :-)

Listening & caring are a good help, as is having an analytical mind. You'll at least need to know the anatomical workings of the brain, too.

For a good grounding on what is covered, it might be best to pick a university that offers the course and get a prospectus which should detail all the sub-courses that are offered as part of the degree.

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Maygs answers:

The above outlines it pretty well. Unfortunately, Psychology is a broad subject and there isn't actually a job that is plain and simple "Psychologist" - you have to apply it towards a more specific area; for example, I'm about to finish my Psych degree then I am moving onto doing a Masters Degree in Occupational Psychology, so I am taking it down a more business route, whereas others could take it into councelling, clinical, teaching, nursing... the list is endless.

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