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What's the biggest failur you've ever made?

asked in life

Messerwisser answers:

Probably misspelling "failure" ;-)

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seacommander answers:

The biggest failure I've ever made and still regret was the failure to respond to my dearest and closest friend's call for companionship in a time of need. She still is my dearest and closest friend - even more so now - and I shall never be able to thank her enough for forgiving me.
This episode has taught me that failures in the field of human realtionships are probably the biggest failures anybody can make.

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high1971 answers:

oh thats easy being childish and self centered after an argument with my father many years ago and we stopped speaking i can not even remember the reason for the argument as it was so long ago but i was so childish i felt he had to appologize to me first and this made me lose the last years with my father and i was not there at this death and did not know about it till the day after.
i can tell you that was the day i grew up

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P-Kasso answers:

Being selfish. Not listening. Over the years I could fill an entire forum site called the Follies of Youth with examples.

I do not regret them directly as they led on to other things that I probably wouldn't have experienced otherwise.

But I have made some pretty dim decisions and choices.

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LauLau answers:

Not going to secondary school for the last 3 years which resulted in no GCSE's (not that I have needed them) low self esteem and general laziness. I have a fairly good job now & have always said I have no regrets but for my own piece of mind I wish that I'd have went when I had the chance, I don't even know why I didn't......

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