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Do you know or have a text to the following topics?
o problems with neigbours
o britísch and austrian school system
o dealing with schoolstress
o a gap year
o How they make you buy(consumerism)
o dress codes
o school uniforms
asked in english

Leohuberh answers:

Neighbours: The uses of mediation in preventing conflicts >>>

There is way too much information for me to write it all here, so instead, I am going to give you some links to check out.>>

Responses to stress include adaptation, psychological coping such as stress management, anxiety, and depression. >>

A gap year (also known as "year out", "year off", "deferred year", "bridging year", "overseas experience", "time off" and "time out") is a term that refers to a prolonged period (often, but not always, a year) between a life stage >>>

When they do purchase something new, the decision to buy is made consciously. >>

All societies have dress codes, most of which are unwritten but understood by most members of the society.>>>

School uniforms are common in primary and secondary schools in many nations.>>

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