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Is it true that it is illegal to have more than three courses for Christmas lunch?
This was emailed to me as a part of a promo package by a quiz company.

I have never heard of this law.

Is it true? They say it is.

Does anyone know the truth?
Supplement from 12/18/2008 01:40pm:
We are talking illegal in Britain here. And presumably unrepealed and so still law today.

I have heard of most trivial legal survivals but this one is new on me. Hence the question.

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robinsamuels answers:

Illegal where or how?

Oh my God, I'm stuffed when we get to Portugal. We start eating the moment we get there and continue for about 3 days!

Never heard of this myth, though it's the sort of thing that may have been put about by the church in the past.

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seacommander answers:

In view of all of the restaurants that advertise 4 course Christmas lunches I think it reasonable to assume that the law does not exist.

Mind you with a nation that's becoming increasingly overweight/obese, it migh be a very good idea to have a law to limit overindulgence!!


Even the political parties would be flouting the law:


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jacquesdor answers:

It is still illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas day,but I can´t find a three course law!

Supplement from 12/18/2008 02:14pm:

It’s illegal to have more than three courses for Xmas dinner. We are legally required to attend church on Christmas Day,
Found it!

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imfeduptoo answers:

It says here (At the end)that it is illegal:

"Several of these outdated (but as yet, supposedly, unrepealed) laws relate to Christmas - a controversial topic for many centuries - and would certainly make what we currently think of as a traditional British Christmas illegal. We’re not allowed to eat puddings or mince pies on Xmas Day, under a law from Henry VIII’s reign (or from Cromwell‘s time, depending on the source), because they are “offensive and blasphemous”. It’s illegal to have more than three courses for Xmas dinner."

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mercman99 answers:

Oh no! The Christmas Dinner police are out to get us.
Who cares?

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