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who had the longest number one single in the chart in the uk?
music history anyone?
asked in quiz questions

vultan answers:

I Would Do Anything For Love by Meatloaf, I think.

Supplement from 12/18/2008 06:13pm:

Well well, Franmie Lane's I Believe was at number one for 18 weeks. Never knew that.

Supplement from 12/18/2008 06:16pm:

Should be Frankie Lane. But then, his 18 weeks weren;t consecutive, so don't know if they count.

If you're looking for song length, Oasis beat Meatloaf with All Around the World.

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tracieboo answers:

Bryan Adams spent 16 weeks at the top with his hit single, "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You".

Supplement from 12/18/2008 04:59pm:

second is Wet Wet Wet with, love is all around, which was 15 weeks

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P-Kasso answers:

The previous two answers were right - this is just to fill in a bit more detail...

This is again taken from the website...


It shows Bryan Adams with the most consecutive weeks in pole position with 16 weeks with Frankie Laine as holding the record for the most non-consecutive weeks on 18.

For some reason the site wouldn't let me copy the details - there is masses more info on this page of the site. Well worth a look.

Tip: There is a small white 'search by' panel at the top right of the centre panel on the page that opens up all the 'most' records by subject. Ignore the big blue main category panels to left and right until later. They go week by week from the 50s and cover trivia, facts etc plus masses about album sales. Rock Geek's paradise!

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