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Dis-regarding food, Roughly how much have you spent on for xmas day? (dont want to know exact amounts.)
What with the credit crunch, i was wondering how much now have people spent for their loved 1`s etc, this excludes xmas food.
Did you cut right back this year?
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tracieboo answers:

ermmm, quite a bit i'm afraid, i'd guess that i have spent over £800, mainly on my girls and mr boo, i don't buy presents for my family anymore, we just buy for our own, it makes life easier. Though i do buy presents for close friends.
I buy my presents throughout the year so it's not such a shock to the purse, i couldn't of gone out and bought them all in one go.

So i think that is about average for my christmas spending.

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imfeduptoo answers:

Just over £1,450 on presents or cash - only for close family and most of it on the grandchildren. The most expensive single present, for my son and daughter-in-law was £400+ but they deserve it - they gave me my grandchildren.

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Topaz2308 answers:

Mine has run into about £1600 thus far and that was family and friends though but that is what I normally spend but have also taken advantage of the deals stores are throwing at you to get more for my money. So I have actually got more for my money this year than probably any other year before.

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macavity answers:

This year I have spent more than I ever have as it is the first time that money as not been an issue for me.As for the amount I have no idea and will never total it up but I would think I have saved over £500 with offers and vat reduction.For example today my wine and spirit bill was £79 in savings because of 40% reduction on wine and 20% reduction on spirits

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sheps101 answers:

I think about £250-£350 (will be about £450 total) spread over the year but I rarely do birthdays and get all my family and friends kids at Christmas instead. Not bad going for 20+ people and because I plan to an extent I think I more then get my money's worth too. My greatest achievement this year was to 3 girls bikes 12" 14" and 16" for under £85 delivered, as normally 16" bike alone is around £99.

Did I cut back, well no not intentionally but I did spend a lot less than usual due to finding a couple of great websites and getting a lot of hot deals

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