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What 1 thing you do you always forget to do or buy just before Christmas day?
Did you buy the Batteries for the toys and gadgets?
Did you forget the stuffing for your Turkey (if you having 1.) What have you forgot to get this year and seem to do nearly every year?
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PARRY22 answers:

This has varied over the years.Lasr year was a corker. I tried to buy a Christmas pudding at the last minute. I hadn;t worried because I thought there would be loads about?
How wrong can you be!!
They were the wrong size or had ingredients we didn;t like. It was a nightmare.
I did find one eventually. In one of those German stores which we had never shopped in before. We do now though. The pudding was delicious and we have bought one there again this year.

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robinsamuels answers:

Get enough sleep!

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wumpus answers:

Can't remember right now - but it'll come to me in about 4 days....

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funrunna answers:

Same as Wumpus... I won't know 'til the fat-lady sings!

Leise Nacht, heilige Nacht.

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Family.Guy answers:

Give out my Christmas cards.

I buy them but always to give them out when i see my mates.

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