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Is there any documentation about Jesus between the years of his birth and the time he began preaching?

asked in Religion, Jesus

vultan answers:

Nothing that anyone accepts. The four canonical gospels don't really cover his childhood. There's one story about him going into the Temple and having learned theological arguments with the priests there.

However, there are apocryphal 'infancy gospels' which never quite made it into the official Bible, which flesh out Jesus' childhood.

This one sounds pretty funny:

Seems like the little rascal didn't always use his powers for good (probably why the church doesn't recognise it as official).

I don't think any historical documents are going to mention Jesus as a child - he wouldn't have been important enough.

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funrunna answers:

Mary... May have kept a diary but, I doubt that the rest of us wan't to know, how many ounces yer little man was on at two months!

There might be some (standard for the time) boyish behaviour, that might not fit with a heavenly connection. OK... Maybe there wern't any windows back then but, there were girls and I suppose, they had ponytails!

Actually, I think i'm on to a best seller!!

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