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Getting free access on your computer screen to free football games every Saturday? How?
Just been crying my eyes out at the Arsenal-Liverpool 1-1 draw down at the Brewers' Arms. Arsenal down to 9 men. Referees are too special for words.

A nice Scouser next to me was chatting to a lady and telling her that a website, called I think from what I could eavesdrop without getting clumped (he scouser, me Gooner) was that there is a website something like...


but you appaently need a software download called Sopcast.

Anyone know any more?

Both news to me. Know anything about them?

Seeing as I madly gave away my TV 18 months ago the withdrawal pangs are now really kicking in around 3pm on Saturday afternoons.

Have you tried mpp2p.com or Sopcast - or have you a better solution that can give me free premier (not highlights) live games via my computer screen?
asked in football, free live downloads

siasl74 answers:

I haven't, but you will undoubtedly be breaking the law in accessing the site if it is live - broadcasting rights are sold per country, and I doubt they've done a proper distribution deal for the internet (beyond the usual in-country services such as BBC iPlayer and their ilk).

What they are doing is feeding the signal from a country where they can get cheap/free access to the TV broadcast (or possibly even using a dodgy satellite/cable access card) and then streaming it via a server.

Supplement from 12/21/2008 10:44pm:

Also, if it was a legit service you would become liable for the license fee which covers all broadcast television services

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rasputin1309 answers:

There are an enormous number of links for lots of different things, (including all the Premiership football you may want) at www.justin.tv. Sites do go down sometimes mid game but there are lots of others. There is also no software to download

They all seem to be free - although I would not for one second obviously advocate using this "service" :)

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