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Are .uk websites governed by English law? Are there any possible exceptions?

asked in dotuk, law, exceptions

rasputin1309 answers:

If a site is hosted in the UK it will be governed by English law - Great avatar by the way - wonderful album - "Thick as a brick" - Jethro Tull - nice one.

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Family.Guy answers:

To a degree all websites are governed by British Law for example i would be breaking the law if i was to be looking at a Foreign web site containing images of under age children in perverse poses. But the British police are surfing the www for that sort of stuff anyway to keep it off the internet totally with the cooperation of the worlds police forces.

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siasl74 answers:

While a UK website may be hosted in the UK, it is possible for it to be governed by all sorts of other countries laws, depending on where it is published. I recall reading of a libel/defamation case being brought in the UK against the NYTimes, even though the servers are in the USA, the content was written in the USA and all those concerned are US citizens/corporations - however, due to the nature of the web, the content was deemed "published" in the UK, where stricter libel laws are in force.

If the UK website is hosted on a server that is not physically resident in the UK, I would expect it to be difficult to prosecute it if the country the server is resident in is none to friendly (although it may just be simpler to get the domain zapped in this case).

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