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Looking for this song: "all i really want"
all i really want is money in my pocket cash in my hand and in my walle...

i don't know who it is by, i think it is a new version of this old song from the 80's...
Supplement from 12/23/2008 06:55am:
no, unfortunately it is not: wiley - cash in my pocket
that's why it is so hard to find :P

asked in music, song

agentju90 answers:

is this it?

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stackersteve answers:

wiley - cash in my pocket

Supplement from 12/23/2008 11:01am:


says it is here muka altho it does have the name of the person colabing with him

Supplement from 12/23/2008 11:53am:

its on the album called -see clear now by wiley
there ya go lol

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