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Driving on a provisional licence - your 'accompanying driver' is over 21, has held a full licence for 3 years but is steaming drunk. Would you still get points if caught?
The govt websites don't cover this scenario, so I was just curious.
Supplement from 12/23/2008 03:48pm:
What if the accompanying driver holds a full licence for the class of vehicle, is sober, not texting etc, but the licence is foreign?

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duffield1 answers:

Yes, you would - when you are accompanying a learner, you have the same responsibilities as if you were driving the car, so you need to be sober, have decent eyesight and even refrain from using a mobile phone.


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mercman99 answers:

Yes because the qualified driver has to be capable of driving the vehicle should the need arise.
Both of you would be done for drink driving offences and aiding and abetting.

Supplement from 12/23/2008 04:09pm:

Foriegn licences don't count as a qualified drver because the holder hasn't passed the British test.They may drive as a short term visitor on their own licence.

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