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Why do dogs like socks so much?
Mika goes mental as soon as anyone takes a sock off or as soon as one falls out of the tumble dryer, she just has to have it...why?

asked in dogs

Topaz2308 answers:

Merry Christmas Boo

I think for my dog anyway that he used to see toes wiggling in them so felt they were fair game for a game of chase. So then I just think it followed in his thoughts that if he saw a sock it was all fair game and worth a try to see if it would fight back like our besocked tootsies did.

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high1971 answers:

i think it is because they smell of their owners so they feel close to their owners all the time even if you are not there

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xoloriib answers:

Maybe she'd like two pairs of her own to wear? Dogs that live with humans tend to think of themselves in a different way, you know. Other than that I think she is just following her instinct which a little confused in a domestic environment. There are no small mammals to chase so a sock will have to do instead.

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Timdawg answers:

It's because they know they're not supposed to have them, therefore running away with them makes for an imediate game of chase as you desperately try to get it back. Sadly, the dog sees this as fun and the sock invariably gets ruined :-)

This type of behaviour, generally, is the dog trying to gain dominance by making you do what they want rather than the other way around. Usually I just ignore her (the dog) until she gets bored and drops it.

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