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Are there any foods you can eat which would counteract the billious effect of sprouts?
Sprouts make you phaarp. So, are there any Nigella-esque tips for other foods you can add to the Christmas menu that will help disperse the gas bubbles before they seep out?
asked in sprouts, christmas, phaarp

Hiheels answers:

Nigella-esque you say?
Yes, mint - I would recommend either sucking on a hard, minty ball or indulging in luscious, soft, yielding, rich chocolate infused with the essence of mint that gently flows down your throat.

Nigella-y enough for ya?

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imfeduptoo answers:

I think if sprouts arec ooked too much they may have that effect - don't let them get too soft.
Also, cooking them with chopped chestnuts seem to stop the problem.
I do both of these things and none of us ever seems to suffer from this problem.

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xoloriib answers:

Not so much what to add but keep the pepper away from them and eat the sage and onion stuffing with them. Sage has a calming effect on the stomach as do other aniseed flavour herbs like fennel. You could even have a Pernod Christmas.

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