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Paper hats at Christmas - what's the point?
I'm all for celebrating Christmas, and don't mind donning a santa hat when the need arises, but I do object very strongly to those ridiculous paper hats that you get in crackers. Who invented the infernal things and why?
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seacommander answers:

Walter Smith apparently invented the idea of putting paper hats in crackers to distinguish his product from other similar ones.

'The other elements of the modern cracker, the gifts, paper hats and varied designs, were all introduced by Tom Smith's son, Walter Smith, as ways of distinguishing the company from the many copycat cracker manufacturers which had suddenly sprung up.'


I think the whole point is just to add an element of the party spirit and frivolity. Of course, both of these things can be enjoyed in the absence of a hat!!

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rainchild answers:

I think the point is that EVERYONE looks bad with one on, so we can all look bad together, in a family spirit of xmas or something. You know, kind of hides our beautiful hair and we all just become Christmas people at a party.

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