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steam coming from under dashboard of nissan primera
engine overhaeting and steam coming from under dash
asked in cars

Messerwisser answers:

Overheating can have many cases where these are common:
Low water level, faulty cooling fan, faulty circulation pump, faulty thermostat valve.
In any case it must be checked before you destroy the engine.

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wumpus answers:

Either a broken coolant hose to the heater, or a busted heater matrix.

Standard coolant hoses are cheap to buy and not too bad to fit, as long as you can get access to the clips (this might entail removing part of the dashboard or the heater body).
But if they're a shaped part unique to the vehicle, you'll need to try to get a similar replacement, which is probably a main dealer item.

For a heater matrix, you need to price one up at a motor factors.
But if it's not a common part, it might be a main dealer only item.

With most cars, it is usually possible to bypass the heater matrix to get yourself mobile over Christmas - look under the bonnet for 2 pipes which go through the bulkhead into the passenger compartment.

If you were to join the two engine pipe connections together, effectively cutting out the loop into the heater, you'll be able to fill up with coolant again and be able to drive the car.
(Make sure you use proper coolant, not just neat water.
This is in case we get a cold snap and it freezes).

But you'll be without a heater, so it won't be comfortable.
More importantly, your windscreen demister won't work as well using cold air only.

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