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Urgent! Hangover cures needed. Must be guaranteed to work. Fast. Merry Christmas everybody! Ouch.

asked in christmas, hangover, pain

jacquesdor answers:

Oh dear !! Probably the only sure way is the old fashioned hair of the dog. You are suffering withdrawal so top yourself up a bit. Make sure to drink plenty of non alcoholic liquids to combat the dehydration.I wouldn´t advise pain killers yet, no knowing how much alcohol is in your blood!
Good luck, an hours sleep might also help if that is possible.
Have a wonderful day.

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athenabs13ohe answers:

Hair of the dog will not work. you only Dehydrate more.
There is no fast cure to cure a hangover.
Drink least 8 pints of water, to 1, rehydrate yourself and 2 to flush out the toxins in kidneys and liver. Headache tablets is all you can really take. Orange juice if you got any, replaces Vitims you have lost. Milk will help as well as this lines the stomach.
Hope you have a Well day.
Next time you know you going to drink, drink plenty of milk, or have eggs, these line the stomach, so you dont feel the efects so much.

Supplement from 12/25/2008 09:47am:

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xoloriib answers:

A Mars bar - plenty of sugar - or a good old bacon fry up - plenty of salt - are the traditional methods.

Basically you need plenty of water to dilute the alcohols in your blood and plenty of B vitamins to help your liver with the recovery process. I usually have Berocca but any multi B vitamin will aid recovery.

Supplement from 12/25/2008 09:43am:

Before consuming alcohol in a large quantity again you should consider having the B vitamin before. A meal high in carbohydrates and dairy foods will help to slow down the alcohol entering your bloodstream.

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rainchild answers:

Happy Xmas PK!
I got good advice once...something about a smoothie...hang on I'll find it...

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lilyde answers:

Before you go to bed, drink a pint of water, i know when your drunk the last thing you want to do is do that,but i swear by it!!

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