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Can you get a Camel through the eye of the Needle?
Just a bit of trivia. ;0)
asked in trivia, riddle, puzzle

Topaz2308 answers:

Yes if you make it stoop and remove all the baggage.

The gates of Jerusalem are called the eye of the needle and camels are just to big to get through so the only way to do so is above in the day time but at night it must go through the smaller gate which meant it would have to crawl on its hands and knees unencumbered.


Supplement from 12/25/2008 04:46pm:

Alternatively the story goes that the saying derives from the Greek word kamilos but when translated into Latin it became kamelos meaning camel. So thus can you get a camel through the eye of a needle and it depends on which translation to whether you can.


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tracieboo answers:

Or you could do this, its actually in the eye of a needle...

Supplement from 12/25/2008 05:14pm:

another camel...

Supplement from 12/25/2008 05:17pm:

This is my favourite one, snow white and the seven dwarfs...

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wumpus answers:

This link shows a needle which regularly had a horse and carriage driven through it.

If a horse and carriage would fit, I'm sure a camel would.

I also thought about somebody flying a Sopwith Camel through "The Needles" - a rock formation on the South Coast, but couldn't find whether they have any part called an eye.

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Catydid999 answers:
In the Bible when Jesus said that He was most likely referring to the small gates in the city wall used during the night. I have actually been to Jerusalem and seen one of these gates and they are very small. Since I am only 55" and I had to stoop a lot to get through it I do believe a camel would have more trouble than I did. Jesus used this example to show that it is VERY hard to believe in Him and enter the Kingdom of God.
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