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As a financially uncertain New Year approaches what prudent resolutions wil be made?
And on the other hand what purely pleasurable resolutions would be appropriate?
asked in New Years Resolutions

rasputin1309 answers:

None - new year resolutions are pointless moronic things - why should the time of year have any impact on what one may or may not do? You do something because it is right not because it is January 1st

Supplement from 12/26/2008 11:33am:

UNfortunately we will get the annual stupidity and corruption of the "honours" list - a bunch of sports participants who already get well rewarded for what they do but make great media coverage, a bunch of arty types to retain kudos with the great and the good, a bunch of politicians/captains of industry etc to "repay" previous favours and to keep various snouts in troughs and then the recent addition of one or two "ordinary" people to make everyone have a nice "feelgood" story and to suggest to people that these f ing honours are not the biggest waste of time in the world

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imfeduptoo answers:

My resolution will be to carry on as normal and spend what I want to on what I'd like.

It would be bad enough if money became really tight and I had to give up any luxuries so I'm not going to start that before I have to.

Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we MAY die.

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athenabs13ohe answers:

I have a Resolution, I dont do them full stop.
They are a bit like Politicians, Promises are made, but soon broken.
If i got money i got it, if i aint . What ever the outcome of next year worlds finacle status i be no better off, either way.
The only nice thing that could come out for next year, and thats Brown, to get, booted. ( but on d/side we go no other politican to replace him.)

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high1971 answers:

just carry on as if nothing had happen
try to expand my business
and try to give even less to the governments
they are my resolutions if you can call them that

Supplement from 12/26/2008 08:49pm:

oh forgot to say and try and give my family a good year

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